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Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Portraits With Personality!

I have so much fun creating these fun painting of fluffy fur balls! Each painting is tailored to the interests of the pet, or their owner. Just tell me a bit about them and any ideas you have. I often customize based on the pet owners hobbies or professions. Coffee enthusiast, fisherman, sports fanatic, bookworm, video gamer? You get the idea.

If you prefer a more traditional pet portrait, that is great too. I can do those in pencil as well.

All I need is a clear photo or two, and some ideas to make them really unique. Sometimes I find photos on Face Book when I want to surprise a friend with a gift.

Typically, I ask for 4-5 weeks to complete an order. If thinking of a Christmas gift, plan ahead, as I could be busier.

I do offer a couple of standard sizes, but am open to painting something larger as well.

  • 5×7 – $48
  • 8×10 -$68

The owner of Duck, the adorable kitty pictured in the right side photo, enjoys reading and science. I was told that “The Gene” is one of her favorite science books. This 5×7 painting was a surprise house warming gift for the owner to put on her desk.