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About Classes

About Classes

Bring Out That Inner Artist!

Gather up some friends, family, or coworkers for some fun and creativity. Choose from canvas painting, ornaments, mixed media projects, wood signs, pillows, sachet bags (lavender/potpourri), and more. Have another idea…just ask!!

Where Do I Sign up?
I don’t have an event calendar or pre-set classes. If you are interested in hosting a private get-together to get creative, just reach out. If you don’t want to host, but do want to gather with others for a project, I can create an event for that too.

How Do I Pick a Project?
If you are not sure what you want to do, I can help. Some projects are simpler and quicker, others will take more time. Most projects need 1.5 to 2 hours. It could take longer if people break for snacks.

We can look at seasonal themes and talk about the group size, as starting points. View the gallery of some past gatherings.

I will send (email or text) you some ideas, based on hearing what might interest you, (canvas art, ornaments, seasonal crafts, etc.) and you can pick from my suggestions, or share an idea of your own.


  • Host will get their project for free. Yay!!
  • Average canvas painting (11×14 or 9×12) $25 per person
  • Pillow slip Cover ($28 per person)
  • Wall hanging ($22 per person)
  • Sachet bag w/ lavender ($12 each, 2 for $22, or 3 for $32)
    *Potpourri can be substituted for lavender if I know ahead of time.
  • Mixed media (on canvas or wood) ($25 for 11×14 or similar size)
  • Ornaments (various project options) $9 each or 3 or $25)
  • Other art project ideas? Let’s talk!!

When and Where Can We Get Creative?
I am happy to host an art night at my house, but I can come your way as well. If you are outside of Green Bay I will possibly have a travel fee, depending on the distance.

I like to have a few weeks to plan and get needed supplies, etc. We can talk about the dates that I have open, but typically any evening time will work. If you are looking at a day-time event (during the work week), ideally after 3:00 is best, but I can be flexible.

Group Size?
I usually prefer a group of 4 or more people. Maximum size will depend on the space we have to work with, and the project detail.

Will We Get Messy?
Well, it’s possible. If it is painting project, you never know. Acrylic paint may not come out of fabric, but rinsing quickly may work. So, wear something old. I have aprons. For tables, I have disposable clothes, but consider your area and tolerance for spills as you think about project ideas.

Email me at or text me at 920-246-6919.