My Quirky Canvas

My Quirky Canvas

Welcome to My Quirky Canvas


Greetings! Welcome to My Quirky Canvas. In my spare time I am an artist. Most of the art I create is for personal use – for fun, relaxation, or to help express feelings.

I dabble in all kinds of media, but the majority of time I use acrylic on canvas, wood, fabric, or walls (on purpose or not).

My Quirky Canvas is a hobby business which I created a few years back. Currently, the work I sell is mostly through commission/custom orders. However, if you are interested in a print of one of my existing pieces, just ask. I will see what I can do.

I also lead art and craft classes. I really enjoy this. I LOVE it when people gather together and have fun getting creative. The best part is when someone surprise themselves by making something that they never thought they could.