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Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

They Say Pets Look Like Their Owners

Well, I’m not sure if our fluffy fur balls really do look like us, but I do what I can to make my pet portraits personalized for their owners. All I need is a clear photo or two of the pet, and some ideas to make them really unique. Sometimes I find photos on Face Book when I want to surprise a friend with a gift.

Maybe Fido or Miss Kitty has a favorite toy I can include. Or, maybe the owner does? Some ideas could include personalization based on hobbies or professions. Coffee enthusiast, fisherman, sports fanatic, bookworm, video gamer? You get the idea.

If you prefer a more traditional pet portrait, that is great too. I can do those in pencil as well.

Typically, I ask for 4-5 weeks to complete an order. If thinking of a Christmas gift, plan ahead, as I could be busier, and this is not my day job yet…maybe when I retire.

I do offer a couple of standard sizes, but am open to painting something larger as well.

  • 5×7 – $48
  • 8×10 -$68

The owner of Duck, the adorable kitty pictured in the right side photo, enjoys reading and science. I was told that “The Gene” is one of her favorite science books. This 5×7 painting was a surprise house warming gift to the owner to put on her desk, from her mom.